If you have ordered a Virtual Server or Dedicated Server with a Windows Server based operating system, you may have noticed that by default Windows blocks pretty much every port right off the bat, only ports that system services use such as RDP have ports open by default.

Fluorite does not block any ports, we do not pass your Server's traffic though a port-based firewall system.

You can enable and disable ports, and even programs through the Windows Firewall using the Windows Firewall Advanced Settings window shown below. You can get this by searching on your Windows Server for 'Firewall' and click on the option that says 'Windows Defender Firewall':

Once the Windows Defender Firewall window has opened, click on 'Advanced settings' in the left-hand menu. Then, depending on the type of port/program you wish to enable/disable, choose here either 'Inbound' or 'Outbound':

Then, click on 'New Rule' in the top right hand corner menu.

Here is where you can choose what type of connection you would like to allow/deny through your Server's Firewall. If you are wanting to allow a program/.exe through your Firewall such as .bat .exe and .jar server consoles, then you would choose 'Allow a Program through the Firewall'. If would like to allow a specific port or set of ports through the Firewall, you would choose 'Allow a port through the Firewall':

If you're allowing a port through the Firewall, you now need to choose whether the connection type is TCP or UDP and specify whether it's all local ports or your custom set or ports/port.

Next you can name the new Firewall Rule you're creating and that's it, you're done! (Tip: If you need to allow both TCP and UDP connections for the same port, you will need to create two separate rules.)

If you have any further questions or need support with this, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Kind Regards,
- The Fluorite Team

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